Northern Lights - Bruce Cockburn

    Sunday night and it's half past nine  (3x)
    I'm leaving one more town behind.

    Mirrors are showing the day's last glow  (3x)
    as we're spit out into the jigsaw flow.

    Ahead where there should be the thickness of night
    star are pinned on a shimmering curtain of light.

    Sky full of rippling cliffs and chasms
    that shine like signs on the road to heaven...

              *    *    *

    I've been cut by the beauty of jagged mountains
    and cut by the love that flows like a fountain from God.

    So i carry these scars, precious and rare,
    and tonight i feel like i'm made of air...

    (Calgary-Medicine Hat  27/8/78)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words