Clocks don't bring Tomorrow - Knives don't bring good news - Bruce Cockburn

    you tell me tomorrow may be coming
    sometimes i wonder if it hasn't already been
    but like the firebreathing rebel
    i'm not sure what i mean
    all i know is you're not me and that you'll never be

    he tells me the future is not to be believed in
    "don't waste your wishes on what hasn't already been"
    but like the strong arm policeman
    he's not sure what he means
    all he knows is he can't see what he will come to be

    he says if we burn up the roof from above us
    we surely will see the light and maybe more
    but like the burnt out hooker
    we'll only see down to the floor
    all we know is that we're here until we are set free

    (sept. 28/69  Ottawa)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words