Room for the Life - Kate Bush

    Hey there you lady in tears
    Do you think that they care if they're real women?
    They just take it as part of the deal.
    Lost in your men and the games you play
    Trying to prove that you're better, woman
    But you needn't get heavy with them
    Like it or not, we were build tough
    Because we're woman

    No, we never die for long
    While we've got that little life to life for
    Where it's hid inside, no, we never die for long
    Oh-woman, two in one
    There's room for a life in your womb, woman
    Inside of you, can be two, woman
    There's room for a life in your womb, woman
    Mama woman-aha-

    Night after night in the quiet house
    Plaiting her hair bythe fire, woman
    With no lover to free her desire
    How long do you think she can stick it out
    How long do you think, before she'll go out, woman
    Hey get up on your feet and go get it now
    Like it or not we keep bouncing back
    Because we're woman


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words