The Man With the Child in his Eyes - Kate Bush

    I hear him before I go to sleep
    And focus on the day that's been
    I realise he's there when I turn the light off
    And turn over
    Nobody knows about my man
    They think he's lost on some horizon
    And suddenly I find myself
    Listening to a man I've never known before
    Telling me about the sea
    All his love, 'till eternity

    Ooh, he's here again-
    The man with the child in his eyes

    He's very understanding
    And he's so aware of all my situations
    And when I stay up late
    He's always waiting
    But I feel him hesitate
    Oh, I'm so worried about my love
    They say "No, no, it won't last forever"
    And here I am again my girl
    Wondering what on earth I'm doing here
    Maybe he doesn't love me
    I just took a trip on my love for him


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words