Kite - Kate Bush

    Beelzebub is aching in my belly-o
    My feet are heavy and I'm rooting in my wellios
    And I want to get away and go
    From all these mirror windows
    I look at eye level, it isn't good enough
    And then I find out, when I take a good look up
    There's a hole in the sky with a big eyeball
    Calling me-

    Come up and be a kite
    And fly a diamond night
    A diamond kite, a diamond kite
    Ooh, what a diamond!

    A diamond kite, on a diamond flight
    Over the lights, under the moon
    Over the lights, under the moon
    Over the moon, over the moon

    I feel a rush along my body like a bullet
    I'm 2D, after a push and pull feeling
    And I want to get back to safe home
    I love the homeland dome
    I got no limbs, I'm like a feather on the wind
    Well I'm not sure if I want to be up here at all
    And I'd like to be back on the ground
    But I don't know how to get down


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words