We Can Talk - Richard Manuel

    We can talk about it now  
    It's that same old riddle only starting from the middle  
    I'd fix it but I don't know how  
    Well, we could try to reason but you might think it's treason 
    One voice for all  
    Echoing across the hall  
    Don't give up on father clock   
    We can talk about it now 
    Come, let me show you how
    To keep the wheels turnin' you've got to keep the engine churnin'
    Did you ever milk a cow
    I had the chance one day but I was all dressed up for Sunday
    Everybody, everywhere  
    Do you really care
    Pick up your heads and walk
    We can talk about it now
    It seems to me we've been holding something underneath our tongues  
    I'm afraid if you ever got a pat on the back
    It would likely burst your lungs
    Woh, stop me, if I should sound kinda down in the mouth
    But I'd rather be burned in Canada than to freeze here in the south 
    Pulling that eternal plough  
    We've got to find a sharper blade or have a new one made  
    Rest awhile and cool your brow  
    Don't need it, no need to slave, the whip is in the grave
    No salt, no trance  
    It's safe now to take a backward glance  
    The leaves have turned to chalk  
    We can talk about it now,
    We can talk about it now

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words