Makin' Music For Money - Alex Harvey

    When I woke up this mornin'
    I was tired as I could be
    I think I was countin' my money
    When I should a' been countin' sheep

    My agent he just called me
    And told me what I should be
    If I would make my music for money
    Instead of makin' music for me

    I said, "I know that this may sound funny
    But money don't mean nothin' to me
    I won't make my music for money
    No, I'm gonna make my music for me"

    He said, "The people only buy the love songs
    Rock n' Roll and not too long"
    He said, "Son you got to be commercial
    If you want to turn the people on"

    And I said, "Turnin' on the people
    Now that's a beautiful place to be
    But if I spend my time makin' them up a rhyme
    Well, who's gonna turn on me?"

    Repeat Chorus:

    Well now I went up to Country
    And I'll tell you all about the scene
    I found a place with much charm and much grace
    That wasn't touched by the music machine

    Whoa, the people were havin' a good time
    Makin' music all day long
    And nobody cared if they ever got paid
    One penny for playin' a song

    Repeat Chorus:

    Repeat Chorus:
    Whoa, I know...


    Marco Giunco
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