LINDA PALOMA - Jackson Browne

    At the moment the music began
    And you heard the guitar player starting to sing
    You were filled with the beauty that ran
    Through what you were imagining
    Dreaming of scenes from those songs of love
    I was the endless sky
    And you were my Mexican dove

    Now the music that played in your ears
    Grows a little bit fainter each day
    And you find yourself looking through tears
    At the love you feel slipping away
    Though it's not the kind
    Of love you might hope to find
    If tears could release the heart
    From the shadows preferred by the mind

    Like a wind that comes up in the night
    Caressing your face while you sleep
    Love will fill your eyes with the sight
    Of a world you can't hope to keep
    Dreaming on after that moment's gone
    The light in your lover's eyes
    Disappears with the light of the dawn

    But the morning brings
    Strength to your restless wings
    And some other lover sings
    To the sun's bright corona
    I know all about these things
    Linda Paloma
    Fly away
    Linda Paloma


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words