THE FUSE - Jackson Browne

    It's coming from so far away
    It's hard to say for sure
    Whether what I hear is music or the wind
    Through an open door
    There's a fire high in the empty sky
    Where the sound meets the shore
    There's a long distance loneliness
    Rolling out over the desert floor

    And the years that I spent lost in the mystery
    Fall away leaving only the sound of the drum
    Like a part of me
    It speaks to the heart of me
    Forget what life used to be
    You are what you choose to be
    It's whatever it is you see
    That life will become

    Whatever it is you might think you have
    You have nothing to lose
    Through every dead and living thing
    Time runs like a fuse
    And the fuse is burning
    And the earth is turning

    Though the years give way to uncertainty
    And the fear of living for nothing strangles the will
    There's a part of me
    That speaks to the heart of me
    Though sometimes it's hard to see
    It's never far from me
    Alive in eternity
    That nothing can kill

    Oh Lord
    Art there really people starving still?
    Look out beyond the walls of Babylon
    How long will their needs go unfilled
    I want to say right now I'm going to be around
    I'm going to be around
    When the walls and towers are crumbling
    When the towers are tumbling down
    And I will tune my spirit to the gentle sound
    I want to hear the sound
    Of the waters lapping on a higher ground
    Of the children laughing


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words