Band of Gold - Greg Brown

    This band of gold never meant much to me
    a link in the chain that the world wants to see
    a part of the show that the world asks you for
    You can do what you want behind any closed door

    This band of gold slips off easily
    but there's a mark underneath it anybody can see
    The sun and the wind, the years and the days
    made that mark a part of me and it won't go away

    And just like that mark there's a part of my heart
    your love protects from the storm
    and there I can be a child who's free
    though my body is weary and worn

    And that band of gold is as big as the sky
    No ocean is wider--no mountain as high
    It's as soft as your kiss is and as warm as our bed
    and with that band of gold every day I thee wed


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words