Just Live - Greg Brown

    Ya stare at the sun
    Ya run run run
    When you're done
    Throw down the gun
    And just live

    Love has had it up to here
    Nothing is clear
    Wash your eyes with tears
    Be of good cheer
    just live

    --Just live until you die
    That's all--just live

    When your tired of cars
    Tired of bars
    Tired of stars
    Tired of wars
    Just live

    Money and power don't make the Dawn
    Something else is going on
    Just live

    The faster it all goes
    The slower I want to Make love to you

    When you're worn down like this town
    And no friend can be found I'll be around--
    Just live

    Ya can walk with me
    talk with me
    squawk with me
    and rock with me
    Just live--


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words