Back Home Again - Greg Brown

    Sunrise in Seattle--a whiter shade of pale--
    Caught a flight to Salt Lake City and--guess what--it was late
    Bumped into Denver in the afternoon and into C.R. by ten
    Hoping you would meet me at the gate--

    Mmmhmm--son of the restless wind
    I'm back home again--

    Airport rent-a-car motel nightclubs restaurant motel 
    Rent-a-car back to the airport Have a nice day
    I hope I'll be done traveling before it's time to go again
    I never unpack my suitcase all the way--

    When it all is said and done some more is said and done
    They tell you you got to keep reaching but they never say what for 
    Do we ever really live the life we want to live 
    I put the keys in my pocket, grab my stuff, and walk up to our front door

    Mmmhmm--honey, are you still my friend
    I'm back home again--

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words