I Wish I Was a Painter - Ella Mae Brown

    In these hills is every color,
    every one but one or two.
    If I knew how to paint pictures,
    just think of what I could do.

    I wish I was a painter,
    and could mix red, green and blue.
    Oh, I wish I was a painter--
    I'd paint a picture for you.

    Blue sky is such a companion,
    if you had some to hang on your wall,
    then could you ever be sorry,
    when night came nightly at all?

    [repeat chorus]

    And the seasons turning colors,
    if I could paint Summer for you,
    then in the deep of the Winter,
    you could have some Summer too.

    [repeat chorus]

    Here in the hills of the Ozarks,
    I've seen almost every hue.
    And I just wish I could catch them,
    I'd turn your wall into a view.

    [repeat chorus]


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words