Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon - Greg Brown

    The whole kit and kaboodle is in this fire
    I know where to go
    It ain't here
    Little captains and coo coos
    From here to Timbucktu are
    Countin' their dough in a mirror

    Rooty toot toot for the mo-ooon
    It's the biggest star I've ever seen
    It's a burrel of wisdom
    Slice of green cheese
    And it's burnin' just like kerosene
    Burnin' just like kerosene

    You're gonna hop in your old Ford
    And strap on your new sword
    Wait for the good Lord to return
    If you got ---- your honey
    Life can be pretty funny
    If you've got money
    You've got money to burn

    [repeat chorus]

    So God bless motorcycles
    And all the other trifles
    Ah you know you can't memorize Zen
    Hang your hat on your nose
    Do not hide in your clothes
    Kiss somebody
    Begin to begin

    [repeat chorus]

    Ah it's burnin'


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words