Cheapest Kind - Greg Brown

    We travelled Kansas and Missouri spreading the good news
    A preachers family in our pressed clothes and worn out polished shoes
    Momma fixed us soup beans and served them up by candlelight
    She tucked us in at night
    Oh she worried through many a sleepless night
    Dad and me would stop by the store when the day was done
    Standin at the counter he said "I forgot to get the peaches, son."
    "What kind should I get?" I said to him there where he stood in line
    And he answered just like I knew he would "Go and get the cheapest kind"

    But the love, the love, the love
    It was not the cheapest kind
    It was rich as, rich as, rich as ,rich as, rich as
    Any you could ever find

    I see the ghost of my grandfather from time to time
    In some big city amongst the people all dressed so fine
    He usually has a paper bag clutched real tight
    His work clothes are dirty
    He don't look at nobody in the eye
    Oh he was little, he was wirey, and he was lots of fun
    He was rocky as Ozark dirt that he come from
    And they was raisin seven children on a little farm
    In not the best of times
    The few things that they got from the store
    Was always just the cheapest kind

    [repeat chorus]

    Fancy houses with wealthy poeple I don't understand
    I always wish I could live holdin on to my grandpa's hand
    So he could lead me down that gravel road somewhere
    To that little house where there's just enough supper
    For whosever there
    My people's hands and faces they are so dear to me
    All I have to do is close my eyes and I see `em all so near to me
    I have to cry I have to laugh
    When I think of all the things that have drawn those lines
    So many years of makin do with the cheapest kind

    [repeat chorus twice]


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words