Mississippi Moon - Greg Brown

    Me and my brother saw an awful thing
    Comin' up outta the river
    A hot night in June
    We ran back to the porch
    And Daddy wiped his brow and said,
    "Boys, that's just the Mississippi Moon"

    My brother said to me
    "That wadn't no moon. Too red.  Too big.  Too Wild.
    Too much to be.
    Like a mean old Magi's eyes
    Fillin up the whole sky.
    The real moon is just a little silver thing."

    So we went back to the river bank the next night at dusk
    With spears that were made from willow branches and knives
    And when that thing come up
    Ah we flung our spears and we run to our secret hiding place
    Deep in the woods.

    Now we come home
    The night was bright as day
    An Ma was snappin beans out on the porch
    Dad was drunk and singin some old religious tune
    And we's all lit up by the Mississippi Moon.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words