One More Goodnight Kiss - Greg Brown

    The children are crying
    The dead leaves are flying
    The rain and the world news
    Fall in the abyss
    Nothin' we can do
    `bout nothin'. Please will you,
    Give me one more goodnight kiss

    The new phone sounds like a turkey
    Says hurry hurry hurry hurry
    I'm gonna unplug that sucker
    There's nothin' I'd hate to miss
    Except for your weary face
    Your half dreaming embrace
    And one more goodnight kiss

    The scariest thing I see
    Is the death of Halloween
    No treats for the children
    Just all these grown up tricks
    Well let's dress them up dandy
    They can come to our door for candy
    And one more goodnight kiss

    Maybe it will rain all night
    Maybe it will snow
    Maybe we will dream it's alright
    Maybe when we wake up
    Maybe we could take up
    Where we left off tonight
    The big picture's insane
    The whole country's on cocaine
    And the idiots still ask
    Why it's come to this
    As they lean on their missiles
    And polish their pistols
    Aah give me one more goodnight kiss.
    Um give me one more goodnight kiss.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words