Walking the Beans - Greg Brown

    Last fall it was dry, oh my, oh my,
    You could ask the smartwig; maybe the smartwig knows why.
    And then Mr. Corn Borer, he brought his whole family,
    And they laid the corn low when it got windy.
    Well now there's corn in the bean fields, persnickety once it clings,
    I got these blisters on my fingers; I got these cockleburs in my dreams.

    I been walkin' the beans, been walkin' the beans.
    I been bendin' low, no, no,
    I been rippin' my jeans.
    Been walkin' the beans in the burnin' sun,
    And it looks like I ain't ever ever gonna get done.

    Well, it's a mile-long row; that's a lotta room to grow,
    For the nightshade and the thistles and that miserable so and so.
    Two miles around; more like 10, I think,
    You know I would just put all four up, but I gotta have a drink.

    [repeat chorus, changing "rippin' my jeans" to "splittin' my seams"]

    Bandana on my head, I got a long-handled hoe in my hand,
    You know people are afraid of hell and now I understand.
    'Cause I can picture some devil from that land below,
    And he's a-pushin' pigweed up from under every row I just hoed.

    [repeat chorus, changing back to "rippin' my jeans"]

    Let's walk now.

    Pretty little girl in not too much just about two rows over,
    When it's hotter than fire, I guess you don't need much cover.
    Sure I would like to get closer, but ain't it just my luck,
    You know I got such a crick in my back, I can't even stand up.

    [repeat chorus, with "rippin' my jeans"]

    I'll never get done; I know I'll never get done; I'll never get done, never
    gonna get done....I'll always be out here; I'm always gonna be walkin' the
    beans; I might live to be 85 - I'll still be out here, walkin', walkin' [fade]


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words