The Home Front  - Billy Bragg

    Father mows the lawn and Mother peels the potatoes
    Grandma lays the table alone
    And adjusts a photograph of the unknown soldier
    In this Holy of Holies the Home
    And from the tv an unwatched voice
    Suggests the answer is to plant more trees
    The scrawl on the wall says what about the workers
    And the voice of the people says more salt please

    Mother shakes her head and reads aloud from the newspaper
    As Father puts another lock on the door
    And reflects upon the violent time, that we are living in
    While chatting with the wife beater next door
    If paradise to you is cheap beer and overtime
    Home truths are easily missed
    Something that every football fan knows
    It only takes five fingers to form a fist

    And when it rains here
    It rains so hard
    But never hard enough to wash away the sorrow
    I'll trade my love today for a greater love tomorrow
    The lonely child looks out and dreams of independence
    From this family life sentence

    Mother sees but does not read the peeling posters
    And can't believe that there's a world to be won
    But in the public schools and in the public house
    The Battle of Britain goes on


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words