The Warmest Room  - Billy Bragg

    A rainy afternoon
    Spent in the warmest room
    She lay before me and said
    Yes it's true that I have seen some naked men As she made for the door
    Leaving me on the floor
    I wish I'd done biology
    For an urge within me wanted to do it then

    And here she comes again
    And I'm sitting on my hands
    And she sings to me that siren song
    Here she comes again and I'm biting my lip But it won't be long

    As Brother Barry said
    As he married Marion
    The wife has three great attributes
    Intelligence, a Swiss army knife and charm
    But that's not enough sometimes
    And she did speak her mind
    And told them all that she believed
    The only way to disarm is to disarm

    l know people who's idea of fun
    Is throwing stones in the river in the afternoon sun
    Oh let me be as free as them
    Don't let her pass this way again

    Though you cannot be blamed
    But I've become inflamed
    With thoughts of lust and thoughts of power
    Thoughts of love and the thoughts of Chairman Mao
    We have such little time
    At your place or mine
    I can't wait till we take our blood tests
    Oh baby lets take our blood tests now


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words