The Passion - Billy Bragg

    The fear of a daughter runs high
    In the the mind of a father to be
    For something is growing inside
    But we don't talk about it, do we

    In the long empty passionless night
    Many times to herself she has prayed
    That the baby will love her much more
    Than the big boy who stole her away

    And sometimes it takes a grown man a long time to learn
    Just what it would take a child a night to learn

    It pains her to know that some things will never be right
    If the baby is just someone else to take sides in the fight
    Harsh words between bride and groom
    The distance is greater each day
    He smokes alone in the next room
    And she knits her life away

    A long time ago she saw visions on the stairs
    And when she felt dizzy her mother was always there
    The home help is no help at all
    I have not committed a crime
    Angels gaze down from the wall
    Is there a God, Is there a next time


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words