Love Goes On - Paul Brady

    People like us
    We search the sky at night
    Waiting for stars to fall
    Holding our breath
    Hoping our time will come
    Waiting to hear the call
    Time after time
    We seem to stand in line
    Year after endless year...
    Wondering if
    The moment has passed us by,
    And where do we go from here.
    Dreams may come and go
    Things may hurt us so.
    But why should I be afraid?


    As long as I know
    Wherever we go
    Love goes on
    All of the time
    Rain or come shine
    Love goes on
    You and me here
    Nothing to fear
    When love goes on
    Love goes on and on
    People like us
    We know the sky at night
    Is only a day away...
    Stars will come out,
    This time our turn may come
    Tomorrow could be the day.
    Dreams may come and go
    But I still love you so
    And nothing can harm me now

    Repeat chorus

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words