Don't Keep Pretending - Paul Brady

    Here comes the let down
    Hearing your voice on the telephone
    Wanting you here with me
    Knowing I'm going to be on my own
    When you say that it won't be tonight
    Should I show you I'm hurting?
    Would it help me to stand up and fight
    Or would that be just the chance you've been waiting for?

    Don't keep pretending
    That we aren't drifting apart
    You're fooling yourself
    You know that you're never going to leave him
    And if this thing is ending
    Please don't keep breaking my heart
    If I'm not the one
    Then baby please tell me that it's over

    You come and cry on my shoulder
    You promise me this time you're really through
    And I end up believing
    That this time I'm goin' to have all of you
    Then you say that you think we should wait
    Just a little bit longer
    Should I tell you it's getting too late
    To keep on believing I mean that much to you?

    repeat chorus

    Don't keep pretending
    That you really want to let go baby
    Is this the ending?
    'Cause I can start to feel you slip away
    Don't keep pretending
    That he doesn't have a hold on you
    Is this the ending?
    Oh I really got to know the answer baby
    Don't keep pretending
    That you really want to be with me
    Do you really want to be with me?
    Whenever I wake up in the night
    Your promises echo in my mind
    But my heart keeps telling me this could never be
    And then I would say it over again
    That I would never be your fool
    No I can't believe this is happening to me

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words