You and I  - Paul Brady

    It looks to me like nothing much has changed
    I know the past is history
    But if this really is a brand new game
    How come you're looking down on me?
    Brother can't you see
    What the future is bringing?
    In a world like this
    How can we live together?

    You and I
    Are really just the same
    Though you might think
    You're a little bit better
    And when you fall
    Don't look for me to blame
    You hold the key
    For the higher you think of me
    Then the better your world will be
    The higher you think of me
    Sometimes I think I see a hint of blue
    But right now my sky is dark and grey
    Just when I think I'm getting through to you
    You carry on the same old way
    Brother can't you see
    It's just you you're deceiving?
    All the games you play
    Couldn't stop me believing

    Repeat chorus

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words