Soul Child - Paul Brady

    Seems like a dream
    In some old silent movie scene
    You come to me like in a mirror...
    Held out my hand
    Finally I would understand
    But you slipped away...
    What did I say?
    Over the years
    Through all the laughter and the tears
    Time after time I try to find you
    Then in some place
    Suddenly I will see your face
    But when I get near
    You disappear
    Still I feel you everywhere

    Soul Child
    Are you waiting for me to find you?
    Soul child
    Do you belong in my life?
    Do I still keep building my world around you?
    Dreams of you in my life forever
    Soul child, my sweet soul child
    My sweet soul child

    Right from the start
    You said that we would never part
    If I believed that you really loved me
    Sometimes it's true I didn't think I needed you
    But now that you're gone I know I was wrong
    Still I feel you everywhere

    Repeat chorus

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words