Not the only one  - Paul Brady

    I was in a daze,
    Moving in the wrong direction,
    Feeling that I'd always be the lonely one,
    Then I saw your face
    On the edge of my horizon,
    Whispering that I wasn't the only one
    The lonely one.

    One chance intervention
    See what it can signify
    The slightest misapprehension
    And we'd have passed each other by
    But when I heard your sweet voice darling
    And saw your light come shining though
    I couldn't stop my heart from turning
    And churning out my love to you

    Repeat Chorus
    I was in a daze etc

    True loving perfection
    It seems like it's overdue
    Then just when you're least expecting
    It comes sneaking up on you
    For when I thought that I was dreaming
    I felt your body close to mine
    Now love takes on a different meaning
    Together 'till the end of time

    Repeat Chorus Except

    "through the web of my confusion"
    for "On the edge of my horizon"

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words