Take me Away  - Paul Brady

    Once upon a time,
    in a different state of mind,
    You could say that this boy
    really needed you . . .
    Stuck on dead end street,
    Dancing to the dark ancestral beat
    And you come up
    with such a different point of view.

    (And you said)

    "Way beyond the edge,
    Past the dark and dreary window ledge
    There are many wild and wondrous things
    An Irish boy can do (if he wants to) . . .
    So you'd be best to take this road instead
    Remember what the gipsy woman said
    And you will surely find out
    What the future has in store for you

    (And I said)
    Take me away
    'cos I'm graduating . . .
    Make it today
    I'm so tired of waiting

    Soon through my very skin
    signals started streaming in . . .
    Songs and stories
    from a far and distant land.
    And they came to me turn and turn about
    I only had to stretch my fingers out
    For me to see
    the mystery at my command

    Then one day you said,
    these were only visions in my head
    And I would be a fool to think
    that this could be reality,
    And for a while you stopped me in my tracks,
    I almost made my mind up to turn back,
    In case your words
    Might waken all the prisoners inside of me

    (But still I said)

    Take me away,
    'cos I'm graduating . . .
    Make it today,
    I'm so tired of waiting

    Give this boy an inch,
    this boy'll end up with a mile
    One day he might flinch -
    The next day when you turn around
    He's flying!
    watch him flying!

    Once he sees the light
    from underneath the door
    There's no one can stop
    This boy from coming back for more
    He's flying!
    there's no denying!

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words