Helpless Heart  - Paul Brady

    I'm sitting here inside this stranger's place
    And time is racing by
    I've been way out here for a month or more,
    Tonight I'm wondering why . . .
    You try to understand the things that I feel
    Maybe this time I'll find a way to explain it.

    There is a dream, deep inside my head
    And it may seem like it's breaking the thread
    That holds me to you . . .
    Still you have never wanted to change me
    But darling I know, though we're far apart
    The signal is strong
    This helpless heart will always belong to you . . .
    To you, only to you, no one but you

    This power takes me from the place I belong
    To where only the strong get through
    You got to keep on believing or you lose your way,
    It slips right out of view . . .
    Though there are days the light can flicker and fade
    Here in this place tonight a fire is burning.

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
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