Let It Happen  - Paul Brady

    Through the years
    We have come so far,
    Working hard at finding out who we are,
    And all those tears
    Were only there to show us the way

    And even now
    In spite of what we know
    We can end up hurting each other so,
    Do you know how
    To forgive me for the things that I say?

    (You see) Like a baby when it's crying,
    I am only trying
    To find the secrets in your heart.
    And if I get too close for comfort
    Well, please don't run for cover
    And leave me standing at the start.

    We are the river, see how it's flowing -
    And there's no way to stop it growing,
    So, let it happen . . . just let it happen.

    I tried to hide
    The longing deep inside,
    Filled the emptiness with my foolish pride
    And even then
    I could not leave my shadow behind.

    But I found out
    That to get you've got to give,
    And I don't know no better way we can live
    Than the pride you lose
    Is equal to the love that you find.

    repeat chorus

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words