The Great Pretender  - Paul Brady

    Downtown disco, out on the floor,
    He's been there a hundred times before,
    Looking for some pretty high class fool to play with
    Back in his place when he pours out the wine
    And the crystal snowflakes stand in line -
    She won't ever find a faster way to heaven.

    You can find him any night
    Standing in the upstage light,
    Waiting for some easy act to follow -
    Watch him move in perfect time
    Memorising all his lines
    Roll up! Roll up! see the Great Pretender

    Dinner party, table for two -
    Video turns to midnight blue,
    He says "do you like to do it this way?"
    Black satin sheets edged in guilt,
    Whispered lies underneath the quilt -
    He'll do anything a woman wants,
    'cos he's built for pleasure

    You can find him etc

    All night, all night
    We last, all night

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words