Night Hunting Time - Paul Brady

    Drank all of the whiskey
    But I still can't get no rest
    Brain trapped on a roller coaster
    Got a pain in my chest
    Cold water on my eyeballs
    Send a shiver up my spine
    Hit the street in the wee wee hours
    This is the night hunting time

    Don't know what I'm doing here
    Got to get my senses clear

    Stumble in off the footpath
    Heard the sounds from below
    Get accustomed to the darkness
    Got to take it real slow
    Sweat streaming down my cheekbones
    Smoke stinging my eyes
    Walls dripping like the jungle
    But this ain't no paradise/p>

    Struggle up to the counter
    Catch the tension in the air
    Black Sabbath drive a young boy crazy
    This ain't no frivolous affair
    Young girl sipping Pernod
    Body hunger in her glance
    No stopping when it comes to doin'
    The Heavy Metal Romance

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words