Cold Cold Night - Paul Brady

    Had a bad dream
    Had a bad dream in the cold cold night
    Had a bad dream
    Darling it came to me in the cold cold night
    I dreamed I looked for you but you were gone
    You were a shadow fading in the dawn
    And there was nothing but the memory to linger on

    I had been searching
    Searching for my destiny
    High and mighty
    Way above the clouds to find the soul in me
    While you were stuck here with your ball and your chain
    I was too far away to ease your pain
    And all you wanted was to feel you were alive again

    So let me hold you
    Let me hold you like it used to be
    Let me tear down
    Everything that's separating you and me
    For I was blinded but now I can see
    The price you have paid for loving me
    And there is nothing I won't do to try to set you free

    For in the end
    In the end it's just the two of us
    In the end
    Darling there is nothing but the two of us
    When all the passing ships have come and gone
    There'll be nobody else to lean upon
    And in the end it's up to you and me to carry on.

    it's up to you and me to carry on
    There'll be nobody else to lean upon.

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words