Busted Loose - Paul Brady

    It was a cruel turn of fate
    I did three bitter years inside
    A friend of mine who set me up
    And he was the one got away with the money.
    But I swore tonight would be the night
    This place couldn't hold me no longer.

    The rain was dancing on the yard
    The searchlight creeping down the wall
    The night it was so black outside
    I nearly jumped half a block from the rendezvous.
    But when I landed on the street
    I saw the green light come shining


    I'm busted loose, I'm out on the run
    I'm so close, you're right in the sights of my gun,
    I'm nervous, I'm out of control
    I can't stop the hurricane down in my soul
    Nobody can hide you
    I'm standing right beside you
    Watching everything you do.

    I thought that I was strong enough
    To take the screws at their own game
    But they've got tricks they keep in store
    For anyone dreaming of beating the system
    They had me down upon my knees
    Soon I was begging for mercy

    My girl she said she'd stick it out
    She kissed my fingers through the grille
    She whispered she'd love no-one else
    But then she took off with a creep from the south side
    The night they passed me down the news
    That's when the fuse started burning

    Repeat Chorus

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words