Pens And Paper - Willie P. Bennett

    You don't have to say you're leaving
    I'm staying that's all you need to know
    But there's a few things I'd like to make clear
    Before you disappear
    Before you make your last good-bye
    Soft and low
    When a man feels proud
    He likes to shout his happiness right out loud
    But when he's feeling down
    He drags his feet on the ground
    And likes to lose himself
    In the sound of falling rain
    And think about

    How easy it was to believe
    He had his chances in his hand
    But every time he goes to leave
    Every step he makes
    He takes a stand

    Now my life is made of pens and papers
    And my ink runs in the rain
    Felt the taste of pain was bitter
    Heard the taste of fame was glitter
    And our souls are supposed to shine on
    Like a candle flame
    But it's like two lonely people
    Who go out and have their fun
    They wake up with one another
    And find their loneliness has just begun

    Wasn't it easy to make believe
    they had their chances in their hands
    but every time they go to leave
    Every step they make
    They take a stand

    Now wasn't it easy to make believe
    You got your chances in your hand
    But every time you go to leave
    Every step you make
    You take a stand
    Every time you go to leave
    Every step you make
    You take a stand

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words