Blackie And The Rodeo King - Willie P. Bennett

    Blackie and the Rodeo King they were just good friends
    Been to every rodeo and they rode on every old train
    Blackie lived out her life every night trying
    To sort out the lies that people would tell her
    And the Rodeo King was an Indian who found the bottle
    A better friend than any old white man

    Through twenty years of fighting
    With the brahmas and the horses and the women
    Blackie picked him up one night
    He was laying face down in the gutter
    And with her heart on her sleeve
    Which life tailored for the street
    She knew that she must talk to him
    And the stories he told her were enough
    For him to hold her, and her to hold on to him

    Counting scars in one another
    As we watched the level of the bottle go around
    Blackie was a beauty though why she was
    Was very hard to tell
    But the faces the Lord put on us
    Are the actions of a heart that love can fill
    Heart to heart they're living now
    Blackie and the Rodeo King

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words