In A Prayer - Willie P. Bennett

    When I said that I was leaving
    My hopes were failing it was plain
    My head was resting on your shoulder
    My heart was fighting just the same
    But when I said I would not harm you
    You knew my feelings must be strong
    The only time that you'll think of me
    Is when I'm gone

    So know I come back with my pockets
    Out of shape from what I've been
    Thinking about what we go through
    To try and end up with no shame

    Rest in peace my weary mother
    Dream of freedom my lonely dad
    My grandfather was the one I loved
    He was the only one I had
    My brothers and sisters I'Il be with them
    Though they will not see me there
    The only time they'll think of me
    Is in a prayer

    When I'm gone
    When I'm gone
    When I'm gone

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words